Why data science is a must-have skill for every professional.

Data science is the domain of study that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions. Data science uses complex machine learning algorithms to build predictive models. The data used for analysis can come from many different sources and can be presented in various formats.

A data scientist, therefore, possesses the skills to scout for (mine), clean, and arrange data in a way that makes sense for a given organization.

Data science sounds like a phantom right? You know it exists, it’s probably important, but you may feel like it does not quite affect you in any way. Question is, does it?

It definitely does! Most of the industries we currently operate in are data-driven. This means that in order to make the right decision for your business, you need to have been able to sift through your data and analyze it. This, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Examining data effectively requires you to have knowledge and skills within the data science field. 

You are probably thinking, “I will just call a data genius I know!” While seeking services from a data scientist is certainly an option, it is important that you as a professional have a basic understanding of how to navigate through a set of data and translate your findings into informed decisions. Besides, learning the basics of data science is not as hard as it sounds. 

A 2022 survey conducted across the world by Fivetran, the modern data integration global leader, shows that companies are facing challenges when it comes to getting real-time data for the purpose of decision-making. The results of this study were as follows;

·   86% of the participating companies said that their organizations required access to real-time ERP data in order to make informed business decisions. However, only 23% of these companies have the resources in place to materialize this goal.

· 82% of the responding companies were making decisions based on outdated information.

·  85% of the participating companies stated that the outdated data was negatively impacting their businesses leading to revenue losses. 

Businesses are incurring losses because their professionals lack the ability to access and analyze real-time data. As a professional, having a basic understanding of how data works and how you can make sense of it can result in you upskilling your career, helping your organization curtail the losses, and getting a promotion!

So how does learning Foundations in Data Science help you as a professional to become a unicorn in your industry? Let’s take a look at how acquiring skills within the field of data science can be applied in different sectors.

1. Supply Chain

A supply chain is a crucial cog in every company. It basically involves every process from the moment source materials are delivered by the supplier to when the final product is in the hands of a consumer. As you can imagine, there is a lot of data surrounding these processes, and here are where skills in data science come in handy.

Skills in data science enable a company to improve its demand forecasting, ability to access real-time data, their optimization of shipments, and dynamic pricing. 

See why you need data science skills if you are in the supply chain career?

2. Real estate

As a real estate agent, there is no better feeling than a bidding war after a successful open house. Picture the belle of the ball seated on their throne all glammed up waiting for her suitors to show up with sacks of gold or well, a thousand cows.

Before a real estate agent reaches this state, however, they have to do a lot of work that involves interacting with data. To increase operational efficiency within the real estate industry, companies use data science to determine price indices for properties, automate valuation models, effectively forecast demand for property within a market, and proficiently analyze the impacts of location on the sales of specific properties.

As a person pursuing a career in real estate, you should consider setting yourself apart by learning how to manipulate data in a manner that benefits you and your company.

This is how you become a unicorn in your industry.

The above-listed professionals are not the only ones that can use the Foundations in Data Science course to boost production efficiency. As long as your industry interacts with data on a daily basis, then you need to familiarize yourself with basic data science concepts.

Do professionals in Kenya need to learn foundations in data science?

The answer is YES! Kenya is rapidly embracing digital transformation and it is time we as professionals acknowledge this.

According to BMI (Business Monitor International), the IT market in Kenya was valued at $635 million. This 2020 report disclosed that the sales of computer hardware and IT software had totaled $360 million and $174 million. Diverse sectors within the country are automating their operations leaving behind a trail of data that needs to be translated into useful information.

Kenya has been identified as the African continent’s “Silicon Savannah” because of our country’s efforts towards incorporating technology into all our industries. In fact, in an effort to live up to its moniker, Kenya has developed a framework known as the digital economy blueprint. Within this framework, our government intends to realize digital businesses, digital government, digital skills, innovation-driven entrepreneurship, and infrastructure. 

Evidently, Kenya is taking strides towards digital transformation and as professionals, we need to ensure that we remain one step ahead so that we do not become irrelevant as the country becomes tech-oriented.

Learning how to effectively work with data will ensure that you remain relevant within your industry. It will also help you scale the ladder career-wise, getting you that promotion you have been eying! But do not take my word for it, let Bernice George tell you how she went from being a Demand Planner to being a Demand and Supply Manager at M-KOPA.

Where can I learn Foundations in data science in Kenya?

Clearly, we are living in a time of digital transformation. As professionals, we have to interact with data sets on a daily basis and make use of them. So how do we ensure that we are able to do this? 

This is where JENGA School comes in.

JENGA School is a bona fide institution that offers online data science-related courses that equip learners with practical skills which are useful in tackling real-world challenges.

JENGA School has curated a Foundations in Data Science program that is geared towards making professionals from various industries highly productive and marketable by being data-driven. This course is open to anyone looking to unlock the value of data for success.  After completing this course, you will have gained data science soft skills and technical skills that are needed to explore a promising career in multiple sectors.

Today, the competitive advantage is data. Those that get insights first will be the number one in business. The Foundations in Data Science Course offered at JENGA School will enable you to become a unicorn in your industry! 

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