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1 - 12

Data Science Foundation
Mathematics: Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Calculus

Data science and Machine Learning tools and Techniques:
Tools: Python (Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, seaborns, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow), R(ggplot,tidyverse)
Storytelling: Data Wrangling, reproducible science(Jupyter, sweave)

13 - 24

Machine Learning
Classifications: Regression, KNN,Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine
Clustering: K-means,Hierarchical clustering, Fuzzy clustering
Dimensionality Reduction: Principal component analysis, Ensemble methods.

25 - 36

Artificial Intelligence:
Search and planning:Unformed search and informed search
Knowledge representation: Bayesian reasoning
Deep learning: Convolutional Neural Network(CNN),Deep Belief Network(DBN)

37 - 48

Big Data in Machine Learning
Hadoop, Pig, Spark, Zookeeper
Knowledge representation: Bayesian reasoning
Industrial Projects: Cases Studies and mentorship programs

Upcoming classes start dates

June 2020

Enrollment Deadline: 16/5/2020


12 months

Tue & Thurs
6pm to 9pm

9am to 12pm

September 2020

Enrollment Deadline: 15/9/2020


12 months

Tue & Thurs
6pm to 9pm

9am to 12pm


$2,900 you get


  • 12 month course access
  • 12 hours per week hands on instructor access
  • Jenga Seal of Excellence (upon successful completion)
  • Jenga fellows career accelerator
  • CV in our trusted global talent database
  • Exclusive access to professional networking events
  • First hand info on job opportunities
  • Hiring manager introductions
  • Interview readiness support
  • Professional soft skills training


  • 10% discount on full upfront payments
  • 5% discount on six month payments
  • Performance scholarships

Payment Options

  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annual (6 months)

The application process

Step 1

Apply to Jenga School

Create your student profile and register for the qualification test.

Step 2

Take Qualification Exam

These is a math test designed to evaluate your understanding of the foundational concepts required in the course.

Step 3

Complete Enrollment Checklist

Provide proof of your education background, sign the Student Policy Agreement, pay your tuition and choose your start date. Done!

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